Heavy Academics delivered joyfully! We teach following Russian Standard of Music Education: the program is based on the combination of DoMiSol Music group classes and DoMiSol Piano individual lessons.

Structure. The academic year is divided into two Semesters (September- January; February-June). Every student attends two Group Music and two Piano lessons a week. The duration of Group Music classes is 60min, individual piano lessons – 45min.

More details. DoMiSol Group Music Classes combine Theory and History of Music disciplines. Creative music theory classes are musicianship classes complementing instrument instruction. The ultimate goal of creative theory is to produce a literate musician, able to understand, read, write, analyze, and compose music. And all while having fun!

We do not lecture, we play! As DoMiSol Music program is sequentially developed, our preparatory classes are designed for the children who have previously participated in our music education program and already have the basic knowledge and skills required for the level. It’s a preparatory level to Grade 1 where all musical activities of previous years are taken to the new, more advanced level: the first steps in ready, writing and sight singing the notes, classical music appreciation, unaccompanied singing, rhythm games, movement to music including dancing and creative movement, playing tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, listening to music, both live and recorded, performing, composing and improvising.

Individual Piano lessons starting from this level.

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