About Us

Our Music and Art Studio has opened the doors in Cairo in 2015 and since then we have been welcoming art lovers of any age and occupation.

We design our programs based on Russian School of Music and Arts combined with the elements of British and American systems

All our teachers are graduated from Russian School of Music, having years of teaching experience.

We teach in English. Instructions in Arabic, German, Russian are optional

Every program is supported with specially designed set of materials

How does it work

In DoMiSol Club we believe that music and the arts should accompany us through all our life, regardless age and occupation. The arts make life shining with colors and emotions

That’s why our educational programs are oriented literally towards any age and goal:

Pre-Schoolers ( ages 1-6). General development through music and art

Music School (ages 6-14yrs). “Full” format giving professional music education: combination of music theory and history lessons in groups with individual piano lessons
Music and Art Hub (ages 7+, young adults, adults of any age). Individual Music or Art Lessons, where teachers customize the program according to your goal (including special needs cases, elderly learners etc)
Have a closer look to each format!
We are always here to help you choose the one right for you
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