DoMiSol Music 'independent' training starts in the “Music Tots” taking the young child on a wonderful adventure to the world of music with no parents inside the classroom. Our 2-3 year old students are ready to participate independently and parents inside the classroom are actually more of a distraction and a barrier on the way of children progress. Music Tots classes help to develop children's social skills so that they can contribute and gain confidence in a group situation. While parents are not joining the classes, information for parents is provided on our Parents Portal so that musical exploration may continue at home. Children in the class are encouraged to “teach” their parents things they learn.

Structure . The Music Tots ‘level’ consists of 4/5 segments (16 twice a week lessons by 45minin each segment, starting from September till May). Each segment has a theme (for ex. Seasons in Music, Animalia, Toys World, Winter Tales and many more) and all the activities are theme related. The parents and close family members are welcome to attend the last ‘open’ class of each segment and watch as their children, dressed in theme related costumes, demonstrate what they learned while playing and having fun! For your convenience we developed Parents Portal – just login to find photos, videos from the lessons and teacher’s recommendations posted online.

More about the lessons. We do not lecture, we play! Core music skills are developed through a variety of multi-sensory activities such as chanting rhymes, singing , creative movement, classical music appreciation, solfeggio introduction, playing percussion instruments and more . Basic music concepts such as high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow and others are introduced but always within the framework of developmentally appropriate games and activities . Music “alphabet” is gradually introduced already at this age using the unique “Soft Way to Mozart” curriculum and its highly entertaining video illustrations . Puppets and a wide variety of other props are used to stimulate children's imaginations. All learning is mostly unconscious in the early years and takes place in a playful manner with the emphasis on active music making and enjoyment. However, important musical foundations are being laid which will be developed and expanded on in the classes for older children.

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