Attendance Policies

Be Punctual. Students are expected to be on time. If a student is late, the class will still end at the regularly scheduled time. Why is it so important? Coming late to a group class has a very negative impact on our young students. They do not participate in so called “warm up” activities aimed to distract the children from the fact their parents are not inside the classroom, help them to get comfortable in the environment and focused on the content of the class. Such late-comers are usually confused in the beginning, they take time to follow up on the activities, sometimes crying and distracting the rest of the children in a group. As a result the whole group is affected in the negative way.

No Drop-Offs. Students are not allowed to be left unattended by a parent/guardian before or after class. DoMiSolClub is not responsible for children before/after the class. Parents are kindly asked to wait outside of the class room (except for mother-and-me groups) in the zone of immediate reach (in case the children want to use the bathroom, drink etc).

No Parents Inside the Classroom (except for mother-and-me groups). Entering or interrupting a class by parents/siblings/waiting students is strictly prohibited as children at this age are easily distracted and interruption affects the educational process in a negative manner.DoMiSol Club offers regular opportunities for parents to attend open classes (the last class of each segment) and sometimes even take part in various activities together with their children.

Right Before a Class. Considering the young age of our students in order to prevent unnecessary distraction during teaching times, all parents are kindly asked to make sure the children:

- use the bathroom before the class

- are not thirsty(optional: when the weather is particularly hot, please bring a bottle of water to a class and keep it with a teacher)

- are not hungry (no food including snacks is allowed inside the classroom)

- left all their toys, accessories outside of the classroom.

Dress Code.It is recommended to let children wear comfortableclothes and shoes that do not prevent freedom of movement. In order to keep the classes clean, street shoes are not allowed. Inside the classrooms all children (and parents in “Tiny Music Tots” group) should remove their street shoes and either to wear socks or another pair of comfortable clean shoes that they have brought with them for this purpose.


Registration for new students is ongoing during the whole school year. Based on the results of an audition, the teacher forms the groups (according to the knowledge/skills demonstrated): decreases/increases the number of students in a group; decides what group the student should join.

All our courses are delivered in twice weekly group/individual classes. We do not decrease the amount of classes to one class per week as it will affect the quality of our educational programs and prevent students from reaching the required level of knowledge/skills.

All students of our group classes follow the same educational program specially designed for their age group. The content of the program cannot be changed in any way to suit a particular parent/s in a group. In such cases the child might be offered to take private sessions in addition to/instead of the group ones.

All the students are enrolled to DoMiSol Club based on the results of auditions. To schedule your child’s audition, please contact DoMiSol Club:

1. Call Ekaterina Myachina directly on +201224997773

2. Fill in an Audition Request Form online on our website and we will call you back to schedule the audition.

Practice, Assignments, Examinations and Performance

Behind every successful child are supportive and enthusiastic parents. It’s very important to follow up on the lesson activities at home and considering the young age of our students the parents are expected to help.

Teachers will assign weekly practice homework, and may also assign written homework as well as other assignments as needed. It is very important to follow up on lesson activities at home. Otherwise a child will progress much slower/in some cases demonstrate no progress at all.

For “DoMiSol Music” and “DoMiSol Piano” classes, teachers will provide home practice guidance based on their age and level of study.

Teachers will provide a debrief on lesson progress to parents at the end of each lesson (if the parent is present following lessons). Students and parents are encouraged to ask questions of their teacher regarding practice and written assignments as needed.

Key moments of “DoMiSol Music” and “DoMiSol Piano” classes (1st and last) will be recorded (photos and video) and posted on the parents portal. Login details will be provided by DoMiSol Club.

Teachers’ recommendations, assignments and comments will be posted online as well onregular basis.

Studio Treasure Box.Every student will have a sticker chart in their three ring student binder. Students can earn stickers for doing well in their lessons, practice, and for other exceptional reasons. Once they have filled their sticker chart, they can choose a prize from the Studio Treasure Box.

Examinations & Performance

In order to advance to the next level, students of any classes should meet certain requirements.

“DoMiSol Music” Course. For our younger students (up to 3yrs) there will be no formal tests to pass in order to continue to the next level. However progress will bemonitored and the results recorded beforesharing with parents on a regular basis. Students of ages 3-5 yrs will pass through regular tests (mostly unconsciously) in order to continue to the next level. Students from 5-6will be required to participate in different kinds of tests, and it should be noted that if they miss these tests they will not be able to advance to the next level.

“DoMiSol Music” gives students regular opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills (open classes, themed parties and concerts).

“DoMiSol Piano” Course.All students starting from 2/3yrs will take part in exams in order to advance to the next level. The best students will be chosen for performances organized by DoMiSol Club.

Student's image may be used on DoMiSol Club website, Social Sites (Facebook, YouTube), Printed Materials (brochures, flyers etc)

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