what we do

You think of enrolling your child to a music class, but not sure if music is the right choice? DoMiSol Club is the perfect place to prove you are on the right way.


At DoMiSol Clubwe believe that music is fundamental to children development: music lessons stimulate brain activity and the earlier your children interact with music– the better for their future!



Our aim is to provide a set of experiences in the classes, which will help to develop within each child a personal response to music and positively enhance all areas of the child’s development.



Our programs are designed not only to provide children with a sound base from which to build a musical future, but also to improve: attention span and concentration, memory, eye-hand co-ordination, language and cognitive skills,creative thinking , imagination, team work and social skills,discipline,self -confidence, emotional wellbeing and a lifetime love of music. Have a look!


Our Educational Programs

DoMiSol Music

Music classes for age groups starting from 2-6 years old.

DoMiSol Piano

Unique revolutionary piano teaching curriculum suitable for any student turned 2 and older.
No age limitation!

Fun with DoMiSol Club

Birthdays/Event Celebration

With DoMiSol Club.

Concerts/Calendar Events/Theme Parties

Prepared by our students