Our philosophy

DoMiSol Club is the place to unite families!

That’s the big goal set by the Club founder, Ekaterina Myachina. As a musician and a teacher, Ekaterina knew that early exposure to music would be beneficial for her first baby. Finding a lack of music classes to attend in her local area, Ekaterina decided to write a musical curriculum that stimulated early learning and development. Her own daughter and local friends were the first home class students and DoMiSol Club was born.
“The original idea of early music classes for my little princess gradually transformed into a bigger project. A family club with an accent on music and arts, which not only kids but the whole family will find both educational and entertaining. So called 2-in-1: a proper introduction to the music world and great family fun together”, - says Ekaterina. “I can see it clearly as families attend our open classes and themed parties: kids are proudly demonstrating their skills and taking their parents into wonderful journey to the kingdom of the arts. Join our Club and open the whole new world of educational fun together with your children!”