DoMiSol Piano

Children of 2/3 years old reading sheet music and playing piano with both hands?Music Prodigies?We can say so about every student of our course! Moreover, being 2, 32 or 62 doesn’t really make a difference! EVERYONE CAN is our motto! Your whole family is welcome to join our Club and share wonderful experience of playing piano. You don’t have to be musically inclined to start learning with us. We will build up all of your skills and talents from scratch. If you can see, hear and press a piano key with at least one finger, you are a perfect candidate for our program. Our course is built on the unique piano teaching curriculum “Soft Way to Mozart”, that allows you to discover wonderful world of music from the very first class. All what you have to do is… practice.


Like many others, we believe that practice makes perfect. But with our Soft Way to Mozart,’ it is going to be a different type of practice: you won’t have to spend time on tedious drills – you get to make music from the very first minute with our curriculum, play hundreds of beautiful pieces and with that constant ‘hands on’ experience, your practice will bring more fruitful results.




Sounds interesting? Here are key points of "DoMiSol Piano" Course.
Wide International Recognition.“Soft Way to Mozart” is the unique piano teaching curriculum created by Russian professor Hellene Hiner, patented in the USA and successfully implemented in more than 50 countries all over the world.


Certified Teachers with Classical Music Education . Our teachers are not just certified instructors like in many early child developments programs offered these days. All our teachers have classical music education and implement their own pedagogical methods together with "Soft Way to Mozart"


Parents are welcome on board. Teachers attach their notes together with recommendations to the notebooks of our students after each class. Progress records are shared with the parents on regular basis as well. Parents are welcome to enjoy your child performance attending our recitals.


Course Structure. “DoMiSol Piano” course consists of individual/small group twice a week classes. Twice a week is optimal schedule; attending once a week you just waste your time and money as no required results will be shown at the end. Each student will pass through Audition. The purpose of the audition is not to reject any student, but to evaluate the skills of each student from the start and keep monitoring the progress. In the case of the youngest of our students (under 3 years old), the audition helps to discover if the child is ready for the individual classes or it would be better to join our group “DoMiSol Music” classes prior to piano classes.


Please fill in Audition Request Form and we will call you back to schedule the audition.
Video testimonies about Soft Mozart invention made by renowned pianists, piano teachers, music educators, home schooling parents, day care providers and parents of children with special needs .