DoMiSol Music

“DoMiSol Music” classes help children develop memory, concentration, speech and vocabulary, listening skills, gross and fine motor skills, social skills and cognitive skills. The program does not just make children more musical; it unleashes their creative powers.


DoMiSol Music lessons are taught twice a week in age specific groups. The classes are suitable for children from 1-6 years of age. The content of each ‘level’ of the program is divided into variously themed Segments (by 16 lessons)


Number of students in each class: 10-12.
Duration: 30min-1hour (depends on the age of students).


  • “Tiny Music Tots” (1 –2yrs accompanied by an adult) NEW

  • “Music Tots” (2 –3yrs)

  • “Do Class” – (3 – 4yrs)

  • “Mi Class” – (4-5yrs)

  • “Sol Class” – (5-6yrs)


Note: Each level has certain knowledge and skills requirements. New students are placed in classes based on the results of the audition, not only by age.


The content of our classes has been developed and tested over time.
Our program is based on one of the best world known music educational systems – Russian, united with elements of Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly’s methods. Elements of impressively successful piano and music teaching curriculum “Soft way to Mozart "are added to the program as well.


We offer a system, not walk-ins or modules. Being highly interactive and entertaining, the educational content of our program is delivered gradually, from one level to another. Our children learn and thrive with friends of a similar age. Everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential in well-managed class sizes. All teachers have professional music education. Systemized education guaranties the results!


Individual approach even in groups. The progress of each and every child is evaluated, recorded and taken into consideration to the extent that the class activities are concentrated on the weak points of the students till the required level of knowledge and skills is reached. It does matter for us that each student not just attends the class, but actually learns!


We take fun seriously. Our classes are highly interactive and our children learn to make music on the finest percussion instruments – not toys! We work with a team of professional musicians and teachers to ensure that every class experience is rewarding for both children and their parents.


Parents are welcome on board. Though parents attend the classes only with the youngest of our students (1-2yrs), they are still fully informed of the activities of each and every class. We video record the key moments of our classes and parents are welcome to watch the video online on our website. Teachers attach their notes together with recommendations to the notebooks of our students after each class. Progress records are shared with the parents on regular basis as well.